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Hello there, welcome to my personal lifestyle blog, which is my journal!  I am Andrea AKA Andrea Amore!!! I am a city girl with a passion for empowering people, which is why I  became a beauty enthusiast, blogger, and a braidologist
I love skyscrapers, loud music, the beach, and people, people, people!  Its the city in me! I was born and raised on the south-east side of Chicago. 
I relocated to Litte Rock, Arkansas in 2015 to finish my Bachelor's degree and I never looked back! As much as I love and miss Chicago, Little Rock was a better move. I haven't moved back home because Little Rock introduced me to southern hospitality and a safe environment for my children, which has proven to be beneficial for my family. Despite the fact that Little Rock is known to be a retirement state, it caters to children and offers a network of help that is unmeasurable, which is why its the home of my brand!
About my style: My style is simple and classy, but very very sassy! My favorite color is pink, but I love bold, elegant, and attention-grabbing outfits.
Business Talk: I work full time and recently graduated from UA Little Rock. Now that I am not overwhelmed with school, I am focused on growing my online brand: The R.E.A.L Collection, which includes my mobile glam services for children: R.E.A.L Little Beauties, my glam products for adults: R.E.A.L Glam, and my blog: Talk R.E.A.L.
 I am just starting this year because I was overwhelmed with work, school, my additional and newborn daughter. Now that I have graduated, my youngest daughter is now 15 months, I can focus and commit to my brand!
Things I like: Well, like you, I like a lot of things. My favorite is anything PINK, the beach, kids, braiding hair, and red wine. I spend a lot of time with my two kids:
Adriyanna and Ya'Hyness.
Adri is a majorette dancer, so we spend a lot of time training, working out, and reading. YaYa is only 15 months going on 15 lol. She loves books more than toys and is very sassy lol. Check out their Instagram: Bigsister_littlesister and youtube channel: Big Sister Little Sister to get to know them better! 
When I am not working, I am blogging and networking! Because I am new to the blogging world, I spend a lot of time blogging and getting to know other bloggers, who inspire me.
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Hey Friends, 

Welcome to my personal lifestyle journal! I am Andrea Amore, a beauty enthusiast, lifestyle blogger, & Braidologist. My goal is to rejuvenate and empower you by offering my personal lifestyle, advice, services, and products! This blog is a look into my life which will provide you with motivation, inspiration, and life-coaching....






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Andrea Amore

Dont be afraid to be the REAL you!

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